530 West 25th Street
New York

The story of seven Portraits

We are multifaceted.
In our looks, in our thoughts, and in our actions.
We are born alone and immediately immerse ourselves in people.
And this immersion brings us back differently every time.
There are superficial, marginal, and hasty encounters.
And so many.
Yet each contact, however brief, is engraved in us and changes us forever.
It makes us an equal but different sculpture.
And then there are people you recognize by face because the face doesn’t lie.
They are called friends.
You meet them and you feel that you have to be connected with them because you need to grow.
Because with them you are free.
In those very rare cases, looks become sentences.
The words, ideas.
And yet a simple dinner is an occasion for the palate and for the spirit.
We drink and eat.
We get together without doing anything special.
And while doing nothing, EVERYTHING happens.
The minutes coagulate in a time full of us and the evening ends when each one is the sum of all.
You start out a color, you finish a rainbow.
I look at my reflection in the mirror.
On closer inspection, my face is the synthesis of the faces of my friends.
There is no doubt.
Fragments of them make up me.
This is what we are: a portrait that life takes the trouble to paint and to do so it dips its brush into the rest of humanity.
I am, because you are.
Thank you.